COMEDY NIGHT Sadly the May Comedy night was only attended by six people making it heart destroying for the comedians who made the effort to travel, two top acts travelled all the way from London, and true to their professionalism they did their acts and it as to be said were both extremely funny, along with several other acts and a headliner, the show went on and the Six people plus the landlord were fully entertained, extremely good comedians who kept us all in stiches.

    Following the lack of interest we have decided to put them on hold for the time being and the next Comedy night will be on Tuesday September 27th. This will be in the format of a Curry and Comedy Night, and it will be ticket only, no other food will be served on this night, tickets will be £10.00 and include a choice of three homemade curries (one of which will be vegetarian) served with Rice or Chips or half and half, and include a naan bread, this will be finished off with a nights top comedy entertainment.

    Future dates are confirmed and listed below,

    27th Curry & Comedy £10.00 Curry 7:30pm Comedy 8:30pm
    25th Curry & Comedy £10.00 Curry 7:30pm Comedy 8:30pm
    29th Curry & Comedy £10.00 Curry 7:30pm Comedy 8:30pm
    No Comedy Night in December