We have been producing quality Pub Food since February 2007, serving excellent cask ales and a range of other quality drinks. Check the range of good quality and quantity you can expect from the menu opposite. (Please note menu's, prices and our range of beers, may have changed since these were published on the internet)

    Sadly since the Covid-19, our brewer Dave has decided to move down south, whichs unfortunately means the end of 'Astley Ale' and 'Astley Lager' don't worry we have source another real Ale which is, I am assured is near enough the same as our Astley Ale, I have sampled it and I can vouch that it's just as good, we offer a high standard of beers and lagers at very reasonable prices, Our range of Beers, Lagers, Wines, Spirits etc can be viewed using the Food and Drink menu opposite.