Sue and Colin own the Dog In The Lane, a small country pub offering good quality 'Pub Grub' and excellent beers.

    Having been here nearly 12 years (February 2007) we have continued to make improvements both to the exterior, interior, quality of produce we offer and Colin's fashion sense.

    We run a small team, Sue is the main chef / cook helped in the kitchen with Bradley who also cooks on various nights and Savanna our weekend kitchen assistant, and in the bar you'll be met by Colin (Sue's better half) and his able barmaid Shirley.

    Bradley's been with us since March 2019 and we're sure he will be a great asset, helping producing excellent food, wonderful at chipping potatoes, and a dab hand in the kitchen sink. Shirley was here when the pub first opened back in the 18th century, although she's aged wonderfully and some would only think she's in her fifty's. She's the barmaid everypub should have (we've tried but they won't) and with a little more training may even be nice to the locals, she is to everyone else.....

    Have a look at their profiles on the right, it gives a 'truthful' snapshot of the people you'll meet

    We look forward to seeing you soon.