It's all about Jordan

new Potato Chipper Specialist

Dog In The Lane is the best Pub Grub outlet in Shropshire, offering excellent food, homemade produce, homemade chips, quality cask ales, in a friendly family run pub, all due to Jordan, and the expert guidance of Colin the Landlord.

    Jordan joined the family in the March of 2015, it was a dark damp night when this young man was seen throwing limp darts in the B Team's dart match, it was obvious that he must have an hidden talent because darts wasn't oone of them.

    After wasted encouragement from his dart team members, Sue saw it as a challenge to teach this young man new skills he would cherish for the rest of his life, the magical skills of Potato Peeling and the equally lost art of crafting the peeled potatoes into the long rectangular shapes, known to the experts as Chips.

    His responsibilities have now been extended to include carrots, after two years of training he can now be left alone with a sharp knife and 'nearly' always craft carrots into the irregular shapes that customers prefer.

    We'll update this page as and when we get more dirt on Jordan